The Start of Something New

Who wants to be fit, fun, and healthy? I do, I do!! But where do I begin?? Growing up, I have had a terrible diet. From Mac & Cheese to frozen pizzas to being a 25 year old still ordering a chicken nugget happy meal at McDonalds, I have become ignorant to the nutritional importance of the fuel our bodies need. Sure I’ve done research and sure I’ve dieted throughout my life, but I haven’t been able to stick to anything. Well, this time it’s real. This time in changing my life. This time I’m training to overcome an eating order.
My secret weapons? I have an amazing, inspiring friend who has completely changed her life within the past year who has volunteered to help me begin making healthier, conscious decisions on food and training in the gym. Am I stoked about it?! Hell yeah! But my biggest weapon?? In my corner, I have the biggest cheerleader a girl could ever imagine having. My husband is always behind me 110%, no matter what wild idea I may come up with…especially if it means I’m going to be earning a sexier body 😉 I’ve successfully lost 10 lbs with my own, unhealthy, way of doing things, but now it’s time to get real. Get serious. My goal? To be better than my 2010 Miss WV body. So, here’s to Day 1!